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:: Ken Sumrall Bio
From 1951-1954, Ken Sumrall pastored an interdenominational church which he founded in Greenville, South Carolina. He pastored four different Southern Baptist Churches from 1954-1964.   In March of 1964, Ken received the baptism in the Holy Spirit and founded Liberty Church in Pensacola, Florida that same month. Out of Liberty Church came Liberty Bible College, Liberty Felloawship of Ministers and Churches, and Globe Missionary Evangelism.

After 26 years of overseeing these ministries, he resigned in 1990 to begin traveling, writing, and pastoring pastors. To charter these new ministries, Ken Sumrall Ministries was established in 1991. In 1995, he founded Church Foundational Network. Through Ken Sumrall Ministries, he gives Apostolic oversight to the Apostolic Fathers who oversee the CFN gospel ministers who relate to them. These Spiritual Fathers compose the leadership of CFN.

My Ministry as a Spiritual Father Is:

  • To identify, affirm and equip leaders.
  • To relate leaders to a spiritual father and connect to those who are related to the same spiritual father.
  • To reach the unreached
  • To equip and mature the reached
  • To cooperate with the whole body of Christ

To Fulfil These Ministry Goals:

  • I commit  to be a servant and not a controller
  • I commit   to always pioneer new frontiers, never settling down
  • I commit  to continue mentoring, discipling, training and equipping people to minister so that they will      not simply be sponges that absorb truth and never deliver it but rather be trained to be doers of the Word
  • I commit   to major on imparting, not just on informing. My aim is to impart gifts, grace, faith boldness, and vision.
  • I commit  to mature and establish people so they do not remain babies on milk but become an army to overcome the enemy
  • I commit  to be ready to take risks and not just play it safe within my comfort zone
  • I commit  to keep the passion of the Lord for a lost world.
  • I commit to help set the church in order  with apostolic government so the world can see the order of God in operation.



mapaKen and Wanda Sumrall have been married for sixty-three years and have four children, 10 grandchildren (+ 2 step grandsons) and 10 great-grandchildren.

Marlene MeanPicture of Marlene Meanss, Executive Assistant
Marlene Means is the daughter of Ken Sumrall and has worked as Assistant to him since 1995. She is married to Jonathan Means (for 31 years) who is currently an instructor at Pensacola Junior College and the University of West Florida. They have one daughter, Mae (22) who is a junior at the University of West Florida.



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